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Random creations.

Stone carving. Wood carving. Gardening. Aquaponics. CNC Carving.

The maker lifestyle is an ideal, all should try to obtain.  If I can think it, I`ll try to make it!

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CNC Carving

Signs, name boards, art, and images. We do it all with our CNC router table.

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This Website is constantly changing.

Please be patient, I have four children (two newborn), three dogs, and two budgies. I'm adding content, and creating the site between the splashing sound of baby vomit, and song like screams of three year old tantrums. it's a labor of love, the website, not the kids... well them too.

My Creed!

I make custom creation, both for customer, and for myself. If I can think of it, I'll try and make it.

Cloud Productions, is a small sign company, running out of Leslieville, Alberta.  Using a CNC router, and a lot of creativity, we design, and cut custom design for anyone.

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The more people that sign up, the more I'll be able to convince my girlfriend to let me make cool stuff!


I could give you a dozen long winded stories about why you should support me, and my site, four kids, three dogs, two hungry budgies to feed.

The real story though, art and creativity cost money.

So please, donate, help me justify my creativity to my girlfriend, so I can keep making weird stuff in my garage.