Afilliated Sites.

These are the sites of some of my friends. Please head over and check them out.

Six.Books:  If the you love adventure, suspense, facing the unknown, then head over to, where you can sign up to have a new book sent out to you every month. The cover is artfully, and lovingly covered with recycled material. Cunningly disguising the book cover.  At mystery book, you never truly know what you're going to get.


Alberta Aquaponics, has been operating an aquaponics greenhouse, in Alberta, for years.  They've also been educating the masses about the pitfalls, hardships, and triumphs of running an aquaponics system in Alberta.  If you're interesting in learning the fine art of growing vegetable within an aquaponic system, and how to traverse Alberta's laws, give these guys a visit.  They also have a wealth of knowledge on modern urban farming. You can find them at