Back Up!!!

After a short hiatus from internet, the technician has come, and gone. What was our problem?

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Mynocks. Chewie, check the rest of the ship, make sure there aren’t any more attached. They’re chewing on the power cables.”
— Han Solo

Mynock, were chewing on the cables.  Well, something was anyway. I’m blaming squirrels.  So the technician relocated the cable, and “squirreled” it away, so the problem won’t arise again.

Unfortunately, that means I didn’t get a lot done this week, and it’ll be a few days, or more, before I get a video up and running.

There’s not much I can show you now, until the videos are made up, but here’s my test cut.  3/4″ Laminated Pine. 3″x 6″. Clear coated.


Leave a comment below, let me know if there’s any direction you’d like me to go, or project you’d like me to design.

Until next time. Thanks for the support:

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