Competition entry.

I’ve been running my x-carve, and making a bunch of cool things. Inventables, the folks I bought it off of, are running some competitions. The first one is for people who don’t own an x-carve, but would like to win one.  The second competition is for those people who already own an x-carve, and would like to have another.

The competition perimeters, include two requirements to win.

First:  Create a video on Youtube, that says what the turning point of your business was, and how the x-carve has contributed to it.

Watch the video below to see how I answer those.

Second: Your chances of winning increase with the amount of “likes” you receive.

So please, click on the video, or this link, go to the Youtube site, and hit the Like button to help me out.

As always,

Thanks for your support.


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