Here's a few pictures of some of the projects I've gotten up to.

If you really want to keep up to date with  my project, or just have a more up to date view of my work, then head over to my Instagram Page.  There, you will get pictures of my projects as they happen.

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Wooden Sign of the Elks of Canada Logo.
Yellow adirondack Chair
Balcony Bench 004
Chickens 001
Chickens 002
016 Chickens 004
Wooden Crate 001
019 Wooden Crate 002
014 Bane and sheep 001
009 Rabbits 002
003 Bee Hives.
003.1 Honey Bears.
021 Cloud Productions Oak.
Easel Simulation for Multilevel text tutorial.
Family Pine Plaque
Plasma Cut Chinese Dragon with Bane next to it
Batman Silhouette Carved into plywood.
Maple Mjolnir dead blow hammer. Me holding it.
Test cut dice box, made out of pine. with red dice.
Jace namde plaque in the shape of a drop of water.
Stained Maple inlay image of a bonzai tree, inlayed into laminated pine board.
Oak Sign, for Doctor Boardgame.
Selection of 5 hex shaped dice boxes, made from various types of wood.
Hex box carved from Blood wood, with a maple inlay of a dragon.
Blood wood hex box, with maple unicorn inlay.