Hectic Hex Boxes!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks.  I have several projects on the go. Some I want to do, and some… not so much, but they need to get DONE!

It’s always hard to work on the projects you don’t want to work on, when you have so many projects that you do.  The current project that I really want to be spending all my time on, is my hex dice boxes!  They have been a struggle and a half. Of course, I insisted on designing them myself. So it has been two weeks of trial cut after trial cut, trying to dial them in so they fit together just right.

Finally, after a long wait, I’ve got them fitting perfect.  I’m working on making a large selection, then going to the market and selling them. I have several options open to me for retail, and am going to try and get to them all eventually.

1:  My dad has been invited to a local market, and he’s asked that I come along and sell my work along with him. (I’ll be doing more than just hex boxes).

2: My local hardware store has asked that I bring in some of my work for them to put up for sale. This is a huge opportunity, and good exposure.

3: Once I get an inventory set up, start selling them on etsy, or other online stores.

I can’t wait to get selling.  Here’s the video of the Hex boxes being cut.  I’m still working on making the videos more engaging, we’ll get there one day!

I also wanted to thank everyone who helped me get so many views, and likes on my X-carve competition entry.  I never imagined I’d do so well. I appreciate all  your support. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to win another X-Carve, but I had lots of fun trying.  I’ll re-enter, if they do it again next year, and take a lot of lessons learnt with me.

Once again, Thank you to everyone for all the support. I’ll keep doing my best.


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