It’s a brand new day, and I’m back.

It’s been a while since I even looked at the website I started a couple years ago.  I never really did anything with it from the get go.  However, things have changed. I’ve gained a bit more stability in life, grown some kids, purchased a CNC router table, and found some direction.  I’m not big on writing blogs, but I’ll try my best to keep fairly active.

The big change will be my YouTube Channel,  I’ll be trying to put content on there, almost weekly. So please follow the link, watch some of the videos, like, comment, and subscribe.  There’s not a lot on there right now, but I’ll be working to put videos up. I’ll also be working towards making them more engaging.

I hope you all enjoy my work as much as I do. Please subscribe, or even Donate to the cause. If there’s something you’d like to see me work at, or evolve, leave a comment.

I’ll also be working on adding a store, for anyone that wants to purchase something that I make.

As time goes by, my website, will change, and grow. I hope you’ll stick around, and see what it becomes.

Till next time.


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