Slips, Trip, and Falls.

Had a bit of a slip up over the long weekend.  I live rural, and as such, my internet can be… spotty.  With my new x-carve up and running, and carving away, I never stopped to analyze my situation.  That being of course, that the current program I use to design, and run my G-Code for my CNC router, Easel, is completely internet based.

So my wonderfully planned, long weekend of carving, fell flat.  It turns out, we require a technician to come out and replace our receiver.  So I won’t be carving, or posting any videos, to my YouTube channel, for at least another week.

I apologize for the delay, and hope to be up and running as soon as possible.  I’ll also be changing to a program that does not rely on the internet being operational for it to work.

Also, the website has been restored, back to its previous functionality. I accidentally left the wrong theme activated, which put up a lot of options for things that didn’t exist, and made the site look like Frankenstein’s Monster.

Thanks for your patience, and continued support.

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