Trying to make my sign.

I have a couple projects on the go at the moment, and some of them will take awhile before they’re ready to put up.  However, I figured I’d put up this video in the mean time. It has a small introductions, because I finally received my camera man in the mail, Bob. He’s a little shaky sometimes, but he’s worth what I paid for him.  The video is kinda disjointed, I’m still getting the hang of filming, what to film, how long to film it, how not to let the battery die on the camera, and to make sure the camera is actually rolling, or turned off.

In my first attempt at this carve, I accidentally moved some of the letters around, without noticing. So the that attempt joined the scrap pile.

In this Video, I build the sign for my company. It’s carved using Inventables’ program, Easel, and my XCarve CNC router. The material is Laminated Pine Board. Spray painted blue before doing the initial carve. I then use my flush cut router bit, on my router table, to get rid of the excess material on the outside. Finally I put on a clear coat of polyurethane. This was an early carve in my experience, and could have been done more economical. If you notice, I dug too deep with the router bit, and split a section off on the end. However, this is a personal project, and I’m comfortable with the small error. If I was doing this for someone else, I would have completed the project again, without the mistake.  If you want to see the final product, without the 2 and half minutes, of carving, then after the intro, skip to 3:22.

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